Texas Dove Hunts

Texas Dove Hunts
Texas Dove Hunts

Texas Dove hunts are a great way to spend time with friends and family.

What should you look for in a Dove Hunt?  What should you ask the outfitter? Here are a few things you can expect and should be asking an outfitter.

– Before you call an outfitter have a budget in mind.  Dove Hunts can range from a day hunt trip for $150 per hunter to $1,800 per hunter for a weekend package.
– Have an idea on how many hunters will be in your group.  Some Outfitter will give you and your party the entire lodge and ranch exclusive on larger groups.

What to ask the outfitter before booking your Dove Hunt:

Can a non-hunter hunt with me in the field and how much for non-hunters?
If you bring a non-hunter they or you might want to hunt with them in the field.

Do you only hunt on the ranch or do you have other lease properties as well?
Dove are migratory and will move around.  If your not booked for the opening weekend of dove season, you will want the option to be able to drive to another field.  If the hunting is slow or nonexistent on the ranch a good outfitter will drive you to where the birds are.

What all do you supply on the hunt?
Some outfitter will supply; bird bags, stools, vests, small coolers for drinks out in the field.  If they do not provide any of these idea’s be prepared to bring your own.  Some outfitters will also provide shotguns to rent and shells to buy.

How many boxes of shells should I bring?
This can vary.  If you plan on shooting trap/skeet/5 stand or any clay targets while at the lodge you might want to bring a good amount.  I always tell my clients to bring 1 case of shells per hunter.  You can always take home the shells you don’t shoot.

Do you transport us out to the field?  
If your going on a package hunt with a outfitter they should drop you off and get you setup before each hunt.  If you are going on a day hunt then you might have to drive your own vehicle.  Most good outfitters will also drive by to check on you while you are hunting to make sure you have enough shells or if you need a water, what ever it may be.

What other activities do you offer when we are not hunting?
You will want something to do when you are not hunting.  Ask if they offer: Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clays, Fishing, even little stuff like horse shoes, corn hole, washers. Ask if they have extra animals to hunt at no charge such as pigs or predators. The hunt is just part of the trip, you will want a fun and memorable experience at the lodge as well.

Is the Ranch easy to get to, AND do you offer airport pick up and drop offs?
By this I mean, is there a airport close by. If you are flying in, you don’t want to then get in a vehicle and drive 3 hours in a car before even getting to the ranch. This can ware you down before you even start hunting. 30 Minutes to 1 hour drive from a airport is what you should be looking for.

If you have any other questions about booking a dove hunting trips please feel free to call or e-mail us. We would be happy to help. 512-9831615
or Charlie@picosapalomaranches.com


Picosa Paloma Ranch
We hunt over milo, doveweed, sunflower and sesame grain fields plus stocked ponds and flight paths.  Picosa Paloma also offers over 1,000 acres of leased grain fields throughout the area. Our guides are constantly checking the fields to get hunters on the birds!

Our Texas Dove hunts INCLUDE:
3 days / 2 nights

Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Guides, Cleaning of game, Trap shooting, Gun Range and more…

Normally $1,250 per hunter, Now only $995 per hunter

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE E-MAIL OR CALL US 512-983-1615 or Charlie@picosapalomaranches.com