Texas Deer Season, To Dos

Texas Deer Season, To Dos

25 Days till South Texas Whitetail Rifle Season!


-If you have not been to the gun range to sight in your rifle, you better do it now.  Don’t wait till the week or day before because the lines will be long.  Don’t wait to shoot your rifle in at your hunting ranch or lease.  Keep it quite around your camp, no gun fire.  Don’t give that big buck a heads up that rifle season is here.

– Are your feeders filled?  If not, get out there ASAP and get them filled up.  Sometimes you can harvest the biggest buck on your property on opening morning.  Once that big buck hears the first shot ring off you might not see him again till the rut or never again because your neighbor filled his feeders first!

– Check your blinds.  Make sure your blinds are clean and free of wasps and bee hives.  Its no fun to climb in your blind on opening morning just to find a yellow jacket hive in the corner.

– Open and close your windows/doors to make sure there is no squeaking.

– Make sure your shooting lanes are clear, no low hanging branches or over grown brush.

– TIME CHANGE, The time change is on November 1, 2015.  Don’t forget to set your feeders to coincide with the time change.

– If you use Pop-up blinds, set them up now!  That big buck will know that there is something different, let the deer get use to it.  Just stake it down well.  I’ve had mine up for the last 2 months.

– Tree stands/Tripods, make sure they are safe and secure and your shooting lanes are clear.

– If you have a feeder/Stand that the hogs are dominating.  Let the hogs have that spot on opening morning, go hunt another spot.  Don’t fire off on a group of hogs just yet, hunt where the hogs are not and see if you can get your buck before bring home the bacon.

– Opening morning is on November 7th (Saturday).  Most of you will get out there on Friday and 6th.  Its great to go out and scout that afternoon (6th) but try NOT to shoot that evening.  You will telegraph that rifle season has begun to that big buck.

– Don’t wear your hunting clothes/boots around the camp fire on Friday night.  Take a shower before bed or first thing in the morning before you go hunt.  That smoke will stick on you and your hair.

Good Luck Hunting!