Texas Deer Hunting Ranches

Texas Deer Hunting Ranches

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What are you looking for in a Texas hunt?  Trophy buck for yourself, planning on entertaining clients, take your son or daughter on their first hunt?
Below are a few helpful things to know before you book your hunt of a lifetime.
Hunting prices:
Packages will vary and it depends on what you are looking to harvest.  The price of the hunt will depend on a number of things.  The accommodations, full meal service and beverages, if its fully guided or semi guided, and last the size of your trophy.  A good rule of thumb, if your looking for a 150 class whitetail then you will spend around $5000 on a package hunt, 130 class whitetail around $3,000, 170 class around $7,000.  This is not set in stone and lots of other factors come to play like how many hunters are you bringing and extra amenities ETC.  These prices just give you a good reference to start from.
The Lodge:
Texas offers a large variety of outfitters for you to choose from.  There has been a big movement with outfitters in the past 5 years, going from the huge expansive lodges with 20-30 clients in camp at once to smaller boutique lodges that hold 5-10 hunters.  These smaller lodges make for a more enjoyable experience for the hunter and more personal attention during your hunt.  These boutique lodges are great for a family or group of friends or small Corporate events. Because you can book the entire lodge and ranch exclusively to your party.  If you have done package hunts before and your group was not the only ones in camp you find that it only takes one bad apple in the lodge to ruin the whole hunting experience for everyone.  Your spending good money on a hunt don’t let someone you don’t know ruin it for you.  These smaller lodges offer everything the giant lodges do but with more hospitality and personal attention.  That being said make sure you ask to see multiple picture of the lodge before you book a hunt.  You don’t want to have your expectations high when in reality its more of a hunting camp and not a true hunting lodge.


Game on the Ranch:
If your looking for a whitetail hunt don’t go to an exotic ranch and if your looking for exotics don’t go to a whitetail ranch.  There are a lot of outfitters that do offer both but 99% of outfitters will focus there business on certain species.  Example; if your going on a whitetail hunt on a ranch with lots of exotics some species of exotics will run off the whitetail and leave you very frustrated.  Our hunting ranch is a “whitetail ranch” even though we do have some blackbuck and Axis but I would never tell someone we are an exotic ranch.  The best way to figure out what the outfitter really specializes in is to look at there trophy gallery.  If you see 90% whitetail then its a ‘whitetail ranch” that has some exotics.  If it is covered up with exotic trophies on the gallery page then they are a “exotic ranch” that has whitetail on it.  Check out our trophy gallery and you will see that we are a “whitetail ranch”  http://picosapalomaranches.com/trophy-gallery/
Also don’t for get to ask if they have extra animals to hunt at no charge once you have harvested your trophy such as hogs or predators.  
Here are a few of our whitetail package hunts

Our South Texas Whitetail Hunts are second to none. Thanks to the strong Picosa Paloma management program and time in the field, you will get the buck of a lifetime.  Hunters can spot up to 20 Whitetail bucks per day.  Our South Texas Trophy Whitetail hunts average 177 B&C.  We take 5 to 6 bucks over 200 class each year.  Our Classic hunts (130-150 class) are great for corporate hunts or for a hunting family.  If you book 5 or more Whitetail hunters you will have the entire lodge and ranch exclusive to your party.  We hunt out of Box Blinds and Pop-Ups.  Our favorite style is old school, on the ground and tucked in the brush with our rattling horns! In addition, we are avid Bowhunters and welcome Stick and String Hunters.  If your looking for a SOUTH TEXAS WHITETAIL HUNT picosa paloma ranch is the place for you.

South Texas Whitetail Hunts
Fine Lodging, Great Meals, Beverages, Fully Guided, Cleaning of all game, Hog & Predator hunting after you have havested your trophy, Trap shooting and much more…..
Classic Hunt – $3,950
Trophy Hunt – $6,950
Monster Buck Hunt – $8,950
If you have any questions about where or how to book your next hunt please contact us charlie@picosapalomaranches.com and we will be happy to help.  Good luck on your next hunting adventure!