Corporate Hunting Trips

Corporate Hunting Trips
Corporate hunting trips are a great way to entertain and grow a stronger relationship with your clients. 
Picosa Paloma Ranch is owned by Charlie Ammann.  Charlie has worked as a booking agent for one of the largest booking agencies in Texas and now is a full time Outfitter in South Texas.  Here are a few helpful things to know about booking a corporate hunt.
What should you look for in a corporate hunting trip?  
What should you ask the outfitter?  
Here are a few things you can expect and should be asking an outfitter before booking your hunt.
How to start:
– Before you call an outfitter have a budget in mind.
– Have an idea how many hunters/clients you want to entertain.
If you know your budget and number of clients you want to bring before you speak with a outfitter this will save you a lot of time and sticker shock when you get a proposal.  For example:  If you want to entertain 10 clients with a budget of $10,000 total.  Don’t expect to be booking a trophy deer hunting package.  You will more than likely be looking at a Corporate Dove Hunt.  If your budget is $100,000, then you can do multiple trips and all kinds of hunts, Dove/Upland, Deer, Exotics, Hogs, Turkey, Predators, Fishing etc….
-If your not looking to spend the money on flights for your clients.  Then look for outfitters within your own state.
What to ask the outfitter before booking your corporate hunting trip:
Do you have a lot of corporate clients?  If a outfitter does not have a large corporate client base they may not be a right choose for your corporate hunt.  Just because they offer good quality hunts, this does not mean they are a good fit for corporate groups.
Can I hunt or come along in the field as a non-hunter with my client?  You will want to be able to hunt along side your client.  Since a good deal of the day is spent hunting, you might want to spend some time with them in the field.  Being with your client when they harvest a animal is very important.  They will never forget the hunt and the fact that you were there with them.  This builds a strong bond with you and your client.    
Is the Ranch easy to get to, AND do you offer airport pick up and drop offs?
By this I mean, is there a airport close by.  If you and your client are flying in, you don’t want to then get in a vehicle and drive 3-6 hours in a car before even getting to the ranch.  This can ware you and your client down before you even start hunting.  30 Minutes to 1 hour drive from a airport is what you should be looking for.
What other activities do you offer when we are not hunting?
You will want something to do when you are not hunting, clients get restless.  Also once the client has shot a trophy animal you don’t want them just sitting around the lodge.  Ask if they offer: Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clays, Fishing, even little stuff like horse shoes, corn hole, washers.  Ask if they have extra animals to hunt at no charge such as pigs or predators.  The hunt is just part of the trip, you will want a fun and memorable experience at the lodge as well.
How long have your guides worked for you?
Guides are a huge part of a successful and memorable hunt.  You will want a guide that knows the ranch and the game on the ranch.  If the outfitter is going through new guides each year then that is a huge red flag.  Stay away from that outfitter, something is not right.
If I book a group of clients will we have the entire lodge and ranch exclusive to our group?
Ask how many hunters do I need to bring to have the ranch and lodge exclusive.  This is extremely important in my book.  If you spend a good deal of money on a package hunt you will want to have the whole lodge and ranch exclusive to your group.  You don’t want to have another group of hunters in camp that clashes with your group.  One unknown obnoxious hunter can spoil every ones hunt.  But don’t expect to have the lodge and ranch exclusive if you only book 2-3 hunters.
If you have any other questions about booking corporate hunting trips please feel free to call or e-mail us.  We would be happy to help.  512-983-1615 or